Dog Dental Care

Dental Care for Dogs

One of the most common complaints we get from dog owners is that their dogs breath stinks. Dental disease is quickly becoming the most frequently diagnosed health condition in dogs. Our canine companions do an excellent job of hiding when they are in pain, especially oral pain, but dental problems should be addressed as quickly as possible. At Seneca Animal Clinic, we offer digital dental radiography as well as complete oral health exams to help keep your dog happy and healthy.

What types of canine dental care services are offered at your clinic?

We offer comprehensive oral health assessments and treatments including polishing, probing, digital dental radiography and oral surgery.

How often should I brush my dog’s teeth?


Why is oral and dental health important?

The mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body so by keeping bacteria out of your dog’s mouth, you keep bacteria out of their blood stream.


What Happens If My Dog Tests Positive for Heartworm?

As part of our canine patients’ annual wellness care, our veterinarians recommend having pups tested for heartworm infection each year in order to prescribe heartworm prevention to be used over the mosquito season (June till November).

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