Cat Dental Care

Regular dental care is crucial for maintaining the overall health of our feline friends.

Cats are great pretenders – they excel in hiding any discomfort or pain. This means that majority of cats with dental issues will continue to eat, play and act normally regardless of how they feel. It is very common for cat owners to say that their cat has bad breath and usually this is caused by dental disease.

What is involved in a dental cleaning procedure?

After a full physical exam to ensure your cat is healthy for surgery, your cat will be placed under general anesthesia. Once anesthetized, a full oral exam including measuring of periodontal pockets as well as cleaning and polishing will be performed. All measurements and scores will be documented on your cats’ dental chart which will be kept as part of their complete medical record.

What are the signs of dental problems in cats?

Majority of the time, your cat will not show any signs of dental disease to you since they are excellent at hiding discomfort. Sometimes, cats will have a change in the amount of food they are eating, the type of food they like to eat (canned versus dry) or you may notice food falling out of their mouth. If you see a scab or wound on your cats face, this could mean there is an infected tooth root. Owners may notice a change in the odour of their cat’s breath or notice blood or pus coming from their cat’s mouth.

Are some feline breeds more susceptible than others?

Cats who have shorter noses and modified jaws are often predisposed to overcrowding of teeth. This would include Persians, Himalayans and Scottish Folds.

What is feline tooth resorption?

Tooth resorption is a very common dental condition, predominantly seen in cats, in which the bone of the tooth is broken down until there is exposure to the tooth root. This condition is very painful and proper and prompt treatment is required. Once a cat is diagnosed with tooth resorption, it is likely that they will develop additional resorptive lesions in the future.

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