Fecal Exam

Regular fecal exams are crucial for cat health, detecting and treating internal parasites.

Fecal screening is part of your cats yearly wellness check-up. This testing allows for the detection of intestinal parasites, some of which can be infectious to humans. If your cat tests positive for parasites, then your veterinarian may prescribe medication to help clear the infection.

What is a cat fecal parasite screen?

A fecal parasite screen is performed by mixing a sample of your cat’s feces with a special liquid solution and then looking at it under a microscope.

What does a fecal parasite screen reveal?

A fecal screen reveals the eggs or larvae of various parasites.

What is the best method for collecting my cat’s stool?

A fresh sample from your cat’s litter box can be collected either by picking it up with a plastic bag or through a special container we can provide at the clinic.

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