Flea Control

Fleas are parasites that are very small. Protect your cat with a parasite prevention plan.

Fleas are external parasites that appear like little insects on your cats’ fur. They pick them up typically from the outside environment but you can bring them in from outside as well. Fleas can be a problem because many cats are allergic to their bites and can develop skin irritation.

How do I know if my cat has fleas?

Since cats work very hard to keep themselves clean, it is unlikely that you will see actual fleas on your cat. What you may notice is that your cat is incredible itchy – scratching and grooming all the time. You also may see debris on your cat’s skin or scabs in areas that your cat has been scratching.

Do fleas harm cats?

Cats can have allergies to flea bites and develop skin disease from it. They also feed on your cats’ blood.

Why is treating and preventing fleas so important?

By treating and preventing fleas, you protect not only your cat but yourselves as well. Fleas can carry diseases that humans can contract.

What are some simple steps for treating fleas in your senior cat?

After a physical exam with your veterinarian, you will likely be sent home with some easy to apply topical medicine that will treat the fleas. It will also be recommended that you vacuum your house thoroughly, especially areas that fleas like to live such as cat beds, behind doors and under furniture that is rarely moved.

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