Puppy Socialization Class

We offer puppy socialization classes to foster vital social skills in a supportive environment.

Do you offer private behaviour counselling and training?

At Seneca Animal Clinic, we do not offer private behavioural training or counselling but we have an excellent list of recommendations that we can provide upon request.

When should my puppy start school?

Puppy socialization classes should be started as soon as your puppy has had their first vaccines. The learning window for puppies is between 8 and 16 weeks of age – this is when they develop likes, dislikes and learn how to interact properly with other animals and people.

Where do you offer socialization classes?

Our veterinarians can provide recommendations for socialization classes when you come for your new puppy appointment.

What are the training methods used to train puppies?

At Seneca Animal Clinic, we encourage our puppy owners to use positive reinforcement to train puppies. This includes using highly motivating treats or toys, praising good behaviour and redirecting negative behaviours. We encourage crate training and allowing your puppy to learn how to play on their own.

Do classes take dogs from puppyhood to advanced obedience?

There are a variety of different levels of dog training depending on where you go and what you are interested in doing. Teaching your puppy manners and some basic skills is important not only at home but in the clinic as well.

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