Senior Care

An essential service to help detect and manage health conditions in aging pets.

As your dog moves through different life stages, it is important that they receive the special care that they need. Senior dogs often require a special diet, supplements for their joints or skin, as well as a plan for how to ensure that they are feeling no pain. At Seneca Animal Clinic, want to make sure your dog’s golden years are the best years yet!

When is a dog considered a senior pet?

By the time your dog is around 8 years of age, we begin to think of them as a senior pet. In small breed dogs, this may happen a little later and in giant breeds a little earlier.

What are the most common health issues experienced by senior dogs?

The most common health issues in senior dogs are related to Osteoarthritis, heart disease, dental disease and endocrine disease.

How should I care for my senior dog? (example: schedule regular checkups, exercise, etc.)

We recommend bi-annual wellness exams for our senior canine patients including wellness blood screening and urine testing. If your veterinarian has informed you that your dog has arthritis, it is important to allow your dog to choose their own level of exercise. Paying attention to any changes in your dog’s behaviour will help your vet create an optimal plan for their senior care.

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